About Us

Trends in Marketing

pile of numbers.jpgTrends in Marketing developed over coffee as we discussed the chaos brought about by the speed at which technology is changing the way we do business. Our goal is to give professional practices and small and medium sized business owners (SMB) a trusted resource for what is trending in technology, design and marketing and giving them some insight into what tools are essential for our readers to best help their particular type of business.

Not all technology tools are essential for all businesses and practices and our goal is to help you sift through what tools might work best for YOUR business.

With this website and our corresponding monthly magazine our goals are simple

  1. To help our readers learn about the technology and marketing tools available to them.
  2. To help them make informed decisions as to whether or not these tools will be helpful to apply to their business operations and marketing strategies.
  3. To keep our readers updated on the latest trends in technology, design and marketing.
  4. By reaching these three goals, we hope to save them frustration, time and money in determining how to market their business and to do it safely.

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