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trends in design colorful design jpgKeeping Up with Trends in Design

by Jillian Stone, Designer | Stone Mountain Solutions, LLC

Why is it important to understand trends in design? The short answer is that understanding best practices in design will help you apply those practice to your own web design. Today, according to a Morgan Stanley report, mobile internet usage is increasing. What that means for businesses if they want to compete in the mobile world is they will need to be able to adapt their websites to make viewing on mobile devices a pleasant and easy user experience.

As I do my research on website design, I discover the fact that the trends are moving quickly to users viewing websites more often from their mobile devices than on desktops. It makes sense. When we get a whim to know something about a business, a product or idea, it’s often when we aren’t sitting at our desktops. It can be anywhere!

  • In a restaurant as we discuss a movie.
  • On the bus when we want to learn what stores are available at the end of our destination.
  • In the doctors’ office when we want to know about a procedure or certain drug.

The smart business owner will ensure that their website is created in such a way that the user will have a good experience when they visit their website from any device.

This is one of the many tips we will give you in Trends in Marketing magazine. It is our job to stay in touch with trends in this area. We want to share what we learn in keeping up with trends with you so you can stay competitive in your industry.

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