Trends in Marketing

Do You Know What’s Trending in Marketing?

By Jillian Stone, Designer | Stone Mountain Solutions, LLC


  1. Are you a professional or small/medium business owner who finds it difficult to determine the best way to reach your target market?
  2. Do you try many different types of marketing and still don’t find it doing much to increase the number of leads you get?

You have this great service that you want to tell people about but you feel like it is falling on deaf ears. You speak at networking events. You hand out business cards. You create brochures. You have a website.  All these things are great and necessary to do. But you may feel that something is missing. There is so much more you want to tell them about yourself and your business but you can’t seem to find a way to do it without pushing yourself on your audience…and you know that type of marketing went out years ago.

You’re right…push marketing is no longer very effective. We are bombarded with messages everywhere and we’ve become quite succinct in eliminating them from our lives. We are savvy customers and we want to find out information about a product ourselves without a product being pushed on us.

But did you know that marketing is more about relationship building now than it was in the past?

Do you know how to build relationships with your target market?

Our goal for this magazine is to help you to understand how to build a successful online presence and to help you reach your target market by understanding the direction in which marketing is moving. It’s very simple really. It’s about building relationships with your customers.  It’s about developing a win-win relationship with your clients or customers. Think about it…building relationships is about getting to know each other. The more you know about each other, the deeper the relationship gets. Of course, in business you don’t want to get too personal but it makes sense to share your passion about your business with your customers.

We will be sharing articles in Trends in Marketing Magazine each month that will give you insight on what is available to the small and medium business owner so you can have a better understanding of what technology, web design and marketing tools will work best for you. Our business is online marketing and assisting professionals and business owners with all the tools needed for having a successful web presence.

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